Special Issue on Tool to Explore Electromagnetic Spinal Cord Signal
  • Lead Guest Editor
    • Damien Haton-Pietrin
      Interventional Pain Center, Cergy, France
  • Guest Editors
    • Dounia Khezami
      Interventional Pain Center, Cergy, France
  • Special Issue Information

    Spinal cord is an electromagnetic domain by addition of spikes of each fibers. Thomson theorem implies that we can record each spinal cord level electric activity. We perform a tool to record in human chronic pain suffering the spinal cord activities with respect of electroneutrality. That tool could record the electromagnetic signal and mapping the spinal cord that not only a biochemical and neurotransmiting domain. Analyzes of each level signal could be helpful to develop the close loop spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain suffering patients.

    Aims and Scope:

    1. Human electromagnetism
    2. Chronic pain
    3. Thomson theorem
    4. Spinal cord
    5. Mapping
    6. Pain relief